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Privacy Policy

CJ Corporation (“Company”) establishes and discloses the following Privacy Policy to protect the personal information of data subjects in accordance with the laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information and to handle related complaints both seamlessly and promptly.

1. Purpose of processing personal information, items to be processed, collection methods, and retention period

  1. ①You can freely access the contents of this site without any sign-up process. However, we do collect some personal information when you use our Customer Service. The collected personal information will not be used for any other purpose, and if the purpose of use is changed, we will take necessary measures, such as obtaining separate consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act. ▶ How to collect personal information
    1. Customer Service
    - Purpose of processing: customer consultation, receipting and processing of complaints, notification of results, etc.
    - Items to be processing (collected): Name, email address
    - Retention period: Until the purpose is achieved.
  2. ② The Company shall retain and use the user's personal information until the purpose of collecting or using the personal information is achieved. However, we may continue to retain your personal information even after the purpose of collecting or using personal information has been achieved if it is required to be preserved by applicable laws and regulations.

2. Procedure and method of destruction of personal information

  1. ① The Company shall destroy the personal information without delay when it is no longer required, for example, when the personal information retention period expires or when the purpose of processing it is achieved.
  2. ② If the personal information must continue to be preserved in accordance with other laws and regulations even after the personal information retention period agreed to by the data subject has elapsed or the purpose of processing has been achieved, it shall be moved to a separate database (DB) or preserved in a different storage location.
  3. ③ The procedures and methods for destroying personal information are as follows.
    1. 1.Destruction procedure

      The Company selects the personal information for which the reason for destruction has occurred, and destroys said personal information with the approval of its Chief Privacy Officer.

    2. 2. Destruction methods

      The Company destroys personal information recorded and stored in the form of electronic files using methods, such as low level formatting, so that the records cannot be reproduced, and destroys personal information recorded and stored in paper documents by shredding or incinerating them.

Provision of personal information to third parties

  1. ① The Company processes the personal information of the data subject only within the scope specified in Article 1, and provides the personal information to a third party only when it meets the requirements specified in Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as the consent of the data subject or special provisions of the law.
  2. ② The Company provides personal information to third parties as follows.
    ▶ Customer Service
    CJ Group affiliates involved in the complaint
    CJ CheilJedang, CJ Foodville, CJ Freshway, CJ MD1, CJ ENM Entertainment, CJ CGV, CJ ENM Commerce,
    CJ Logistics, CJ Telenix, CJ OliveNetworks, CJ Logistics Construction, etc.
    Items provided
    Name, email address
    Purpose of provision
    Report, access to complaints, and notification of results
    Retention and use periods
    When the purpose is achieved

4. Consignment of personal information processing

  1. ① The Company consigns the processing of personal information as follows to facilitate the processing of personal information.
    1. Homepage system operations
    - Consignee: CJ OliveNetworks
    - Contents of consigned work: Homepage system operation
    - Contact person: Kim Bo-bae Email: bobae.kim3@cj.net
  2. ② In accordance with Article 26 of the Personal Information Protection Act, when entering into a consignment contract, the Company specifies matters, such as the prohibition of processing personal information other than for the purpose of performing consigned work, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-consignment, management and supervision of the consignee, as well as responsibilities, such as compensation for damages, in documents such as contracts, and supervises whether the consignee processes personal information safely.
  3. ③ If there are any changes to the contents of the consigned work or the consignee, this will be disclosed through this Privacy Policy without delay.

5. Rights and obligations of data subjects and their legal representatives and how to exercise them

  1. ① The data subject or the legal representative of a child under the age of 14 may exercise the following privacy-related rights against the Company at any time.
    1. 1. Request access to personal information.
    2. 2. Request to correct errors, etc. if any.
    3. 3. Request to delete personal information.
    4. 4. Request to suspend processing.
  2. ② To exercise the rights under Paragraph 1, such as requesting access to personal information ("Request to access, etc."), you can contact the following department. The Company will endeavor to promptly process requests from data subjects and legal representatives for access to their personal information, etc. ▶ Department for receiving and processing requests for access to personal information
    Department : Marketing
    Contact person : CHEOLYEON CHO
    Email : webmaster@cj.net
  3. ③ You may also exercise the rights under Paragraph 1 through an agent, such as a person authorized by the data subject. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in the form of Appendix #11 to the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  4. ④ The data subject shall not infringe on the personal information or privacy of the data subject him/herself or others processed by the Company in violation of relevant laws, such as the Personal Information Protection Act.

6. Measures to secure the safety of personal information

The Company takes the following measures to ensure the safety of personal information.

  1. 1. Administrative measures: Establishment and enforcement of internal management plans, regular employee training, etc.
  2. 2. Technical measures: Management of access to personal information processing systems, installation of access control systems, encryption of unique identification information, and installation of security programs.
  3. 3. Physical measures: Access control to computer rooms, archives, etc.

7. Chief Privacy Officer

  1. The Company designates the Chief Privacy Officer and the Privacy Office as follows to take overall responsibility for the processing of personal information and to handle related pain points, such as complaints and damage relief from data subjects, related to the processing of personal information. ▶ Chief Privacy Officer
    Email: webmaster@cj.net
    ※ You will be directed to the Privacy Office.
    ▶ Privacy Office
    Department: Marketing
  2. ② The data subject may contact the Chief Privacy Officer and the Privacy Office for all privacy-related inquiries, complaints, damage relief, etc. that may occur while using the Company's services (or business). The Company will respond to and process inquiries from data subjects without delay.

8. Remedies for infringement

The data subject may contact the following organizations for damage relief, consultation, etc. regarding personal information infringement.
The following organizations are separate from the Company and may be contacted if you are not satisfied with the results of the Company's own processing of personal information complaints or damage relief or if you require further assistance.

  • ▶ KISA Personal Information Infringement Report Center
    • - Services: Personal information infringement report and consultation
    • - URL: privacy.kisa.or.kr
    • - Phone: 118 (without area code)
  • ▶ Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
    • - Services: Personal information dispute mediation application, collective dispute mediation (civil settlement)
    • - URL: privacy.kisa.or.kr
    • - Phone: 118 (without area code)
  • ▶ Cyber Investigation Division of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office: 02-3480-3571 (www.spo.go.kr)
  • ▶ Korean National Police Agency Cyber Bureau: 182 (without area code) (www.netan.go.kr)

9. Installation, operation, and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices

The Company operates cookies to support the use of the Website and to provide related services. Cookies are small text files the server running the website sends to the user's browser, which are stored on the data subject's computer. The data subject may refuse to have cookies stored, but this may make it inconvenient to use the website or make some services unavailable.

▶ Example of how to set cookies
  1. 1. For Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Settings
  2. 2. For Chrome: Settings > Advanced Settings (at the bottom of the screen) > Privacy content settings button > Cookies

10. Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of September 18, 2023.