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CJ has established its ethical management standards for the benefit of all its members, including its customers, investors, employees, and business partners



All CJ members are expected to adhere to the CJ Group Code of Business Conduct and all related compliance policies.

CJ Group Code of Business Conduct (“Code of Conduct” or “CJ’s Promises”)

Each CJ member is expected to adhere to and abide by the Code of Conduct, which embodies CJ’s Management Philosophy. The Code of Conduct serves as a guide to all CJ members for conducting business and encapsulates the responsibility that comes with being a part of a respected and beloved corporation.

Global Compliance Policies

CJ Group’s Global Compliance Policies serve as detailed guidelines covering specific topics for enacting the Code of Conduct. All CJ members are expected to adhere to these policies in their interactions with all CJ stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders and investors, employees, and business partners.

Online Ethics Reporting System

CJ maintains an ethics violation and misconduct reporting system that is accessible to all CJ members and stakeholders. The confidentiality of whistleblowers and the details of their reports are protected, pursuant to the applicable law and applicable policy.