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CJ's Ethical Management is Pursued to Benefit Everyone: Customers, Investors, Employees, and Business Partners alike



We strictly adhere to the 'Promise of CJ Person'
and our compliance policy

CJ's Code of Conduct <Promise of CJ Person>

Every CJ member recognizes and empathizes with the right direction of their duties through the 'CJ Code of Business Conduct,' which encompasses CJ's management philosophy. This guides us in understanding the responsibilities required to become a respected and loved corporate member.

Beginning of Compliance / Compliance Policy

The compliance policy is a tangible guideline to actualize the 'CJ Code of Business Conduct.' We remain compliant with this policy in communications with customers, shareholders/investors, colleagues, partners (competitors/collaborators), and the global community.

Online Reporting

We operate a reliable misconduct reporting system for all CJ employees and stakeholders. The identity of whistleblowers and the details of their reports are rigorously protected. Once an investigation is completed, the findings are shared with the whistleblower.